Data protection policy

Data protection policy

For your best benefit, we recognize the importance of your personal information. The company promises to keep your information as confidential as possible.


1. General information of members

The company will collect the first name, last name current Email address, Phone number, Mobile phone number, gender, age, occupation, personal interests, and other basic information. When you register to become a member, once all registration processes are complete, you have all rights to become a member of the website. Receive information, news, privileges, and participation in various promotional activities on the website.


2. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent to your browser to collect information about your visit to the website. The company may collect cookies to store information about visitors, evaluate visitors, and check frequency. When visiting a website, if you do not wish to allow cookies to be placed in your browser, you can choose to refuse cookies.


3. Collecting member information

The company will collect personal information and other information from members for website development and data analysis to select the most suitable products and services for members. The company may send you an email to inform you about special privileges. And promotional activities. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can change and amend the requirements by sending an email to us at


4. Disclosure of member information

The company will keep your personal information confidential. If it is necessary to disclose the information to the public, the company will ask for your permission first.


5. Caution

You are the only person who accesses the password for accessing the website. The company recommends that you keep your Login Name and password confidential and logout every time before leaving the website since the transmission of information via the internet does not have a security system. Perfect security, so the company cannot guarantee the security of sending receiving of your information but will provide the best security every time data transmission occurs.